The Swiss Rifle Club is open to all people that wish to become better shooters.


To be eligible for membership you must:

  • Have a valid PAL; and
  • Be over the age of 15

membership options

We have three membership options available:

  • Single - for adults 18 years of age or older;
  • Single plus one Junior member - a membership that includes yourself plus a child 15-18 years old; and
  • Family - a membership for yourself (18 years or older), your spouse and up to three children ages 15 or older.

Included in a membership are both:

  • membership in the Alberta Provincial Rifle Association (APRA). ARPA is a not-for-profit organization that is responsible for promoting marksmanship throughout Alberta and is responsible for the overall administration of the Crown land lease where our range is located.
  • insurance through the National Firearms Association. Included in this is liability insurance of $5,000,000 which covers you for firearms incidents anywhere in the world.


If you are an existing APRA member through another APRA club, then you need only pay the club membership fee for the option you have chosen. The current pricing structure is found here.


The following are the policies regarding guests at the range:

  • Active Swiss Club members may bring guests to the range by purchasing a guest pass;
  • Guests to the range must have a valid guest pass for that day;
  • All guests must be escorted by the club member at all times and it is the club member's responsibility to ensure that their guest follows all the club rules while at the range;
  • All guests must sign in - this is mandatory in order to comply with our insurance policy;
  • If club firearms are available at the range that day, then guests are permitted to use them. They need only pay for the ammunition.
  • Any individual guest may only come to the range twice per year with the exception of a member's children
  • A club member can have no more than two guests per day;
  • Guests who do not have a PAL must be closely supervised by the club member.