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The Swiss Rifle Club Calgary (SRCC) is a not for profit organization operated entirely by it's volunteer members. Started in the mid 1970’s, the club consisted primarily of Swiss Canadians who wished to practice the traditional shooting programs found in Switzerland. Over time, the membership grew to include people who were non Swiss as well so that today it it more representative of most shooting clubs.

The club has a rifle range with target positions at 50, 100, 200 and 300m and a 25m pistol range. On part of the rifle range, we use specialized electronic targets designed only for the K31 and PE90 rifles. As an option, the club provides firearms such as the Swiss K31 free of charge, and sells GP90 and GP11 ammunition to club members and their guests. Members may also bring their own firearms that use other types of ammunition for use on paper targets.

While we have several competitions that anyone can compete in, we do have two programs we encourage members to shoot; the "Obligatorisch" and "Feldschiessen". You can shoot either of these programs on any weekend when an RSO is present.

We look forward to meeting you at the range!


What’s New for 2019

Your SRCC Board has been busy planning out the next steps for the coming year. Here is a little teaser for what’s coming in 2019 …

  • Some of you may have noticed that the #9 target frame had those brackets in each corner this year. We have been testing a new electronic target system called ‘Shotmarker’. For 2019 we will be purchasing three systems for use at 100, 200 & 300 meters. This is an exciting new option for you to shoot at the range .. see the video.

  • a new keypad will be installed on the shooter’s hangout to allow keyless access to the building for those who have been members for at least a year;

  • a 50m target position for rimfire rifles (still awaiting CFO certification);

  • we are adding LED lighting to the buildings and AC power throughout;

  • a new indoor cleaning station for you to clean your rifles;

  • a few extra courses .. a more expanded Marksmanship Course, an RSO course, “Tuning for Accuracy” and a reloading seminar

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The Swiss Rifle Club Calgary follows the Swiss tradition of shooting, using classic rifles such as the Karabiner Model 31 (K31) used by the Swiss military between 1933 to 1958 and the more current GP90 semi-automatic rifle.




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