7:00 PM19:00

Christmas Dinner

Austrian Club, Calgary. Cost is $50 per person.

We would like to make it simple for everybody and would appreciate if you can send your payment using our website specify Christmas party 2018 in the description and pay the 50$ x number of guests. Payment is non refundable...we will not accept walk-ins

Location: 3112 - 11 Street NE, Calgary, Ab

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9:00 AM09:00

Hunter Shoot

Match Details

This event is open to the public and all members of the SRCC.

The Hunter Shoot is a traditional fall event. It celebrates the end of the shooting season at the range, and the beginning of the hunting season. Six non-traditional targets include images of deer and boar, among others, all at 300 meters. Everyone will receive 30 rounds. On each target you will have 2 sighters, followed by 3 shots on the record. Only Swiss K31 or PE90 rifles with open sights (either diopter or the original blade sight) are allowed (either your own or the club ones). Grand aggregate medals will be available for those placing first, second and third, and a draw will be held for various prizes.


  • $40 match fee for members; or

  • $50 match fee for non members; and

  • $5 per person for lunch (optional, includes a German sausage, potato salad, drink)

Note: Please bring exact cash, there is no credit card machine and we do not have a cash float. Rifles cannot include a bipod or muzzle break.

What the Match Fee Includes

  • 30 rounds of ammunition;

  • insurance coverage from the NFA;

  • use of club rifles

  • one ticket for a prize draw (two tickets if you register early online)


Registration for the event starts promptly at 9am. You can either pay online in advance or at the range. If you pay at the range bring exact cash.


9am Registration

9:30am to 11:30am First 3 targets

11:30am to 12:30pm break/switch target/lunch

12:30pm to 14:30pm Second batch of targets.

15:00pm Awards and prize draw

Volunteers Needed

  • Secondary RSO, responsible to check the rifle when they enter/leave the building and can be the helper during shooting

  • Secretary 1 People that handle the printer

  • Secretary 2

  • Secretary 3

  • Registration table/money management

  • Food/BBQ

RSVP & Payment Form

We encourage anyone interested in attending to RSVP using this form. This allows us to plan better for the event. Also, as an option you can pre-pay your event ticket and volunteer to help at the Hunter Shoot. Click: RSVP NOW

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1:00 PM13:00

Marksmanship Training for New Members

This is a training event for all members that want to learn more about marksmanship techniques using the PE90 and K31 and get some pointers from the pros. If you have your own PE90 or K31 bring it along, otherwise all you need is your eye and ear protection and money to buy some rounds (60 cents per round, bring cash or cheque). This is a drop in event, so you can come any time in between 1-3pm.

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9:00 AM09:00

SRCC Open House for the Public

The Swiss Rifle Club Calgary is hosting an open house open to the public who are interested in joining the club in 2019. This is a drop in event so you can come any time in between 9am and 11:30. The event is over at 11:45am. This is open to anyone that has a valid PAL and is 18 years or older.

There is no charge for the openhouse for those that simply want to come and have a look at the range and ask questions.

For those that want to shoot at the range, there is a $20 guest pass fee (cash only) and you must present your PAL. You can shoot your own rifle (up to 338 Lapua) or use the club rifles for free (PE90 and K31). There is a charge of 60 cents per round, with a minimum of 10 rounds when using the club firearms. The guest pass also gives you access to the handgun range, where you can use the club handguns for free, and purchase handgun ammunition for 60 cents per round. The use of personal handguns is not permitted during this event.

PLEASE RSVP to this event if you think you might want to come.

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