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The Swiss Rifle Club Calgary (SRCC) was started in the mid 1970’s and consisted primarily of Swiss Canadians who wished to practice the traditional shooting programs found in Switzerland. Over time, the membership grew to include people who were non Swiss as well so that today it it more representative of most shooting clubs.

Due to the fact we use specialized electronic targets on our 300 meter shooting range, only Swiss military ammunition is permitted to be fired at these targets. Members may also bring their own firearms that use other types of ammunition for use on paper targets. The Club provides firearms free of charge to club members and their guests, such as the Swiss Arms PE90 and Swiss K31, as well as several models of handguns. The only cost involved is the purchase of Swiss ammunition which we provide at a nominal cost. The shooting atmosphere is a relaxed one, where friendship and enjoying oneself is paramount.

While we have several competitions that anyone can compete in, we do have two programs we request members to shoot, the Obligatorisch and Feldschiessen. 

Pistol shooting is also part of our program. For the pistol shooting bay we use conventional cardboard targets. Members may use their own handguns and various types of ammo of their choosing.

The last weekend in October we hold our annual “Hunter Shoot” where we have a day of fun shooting at electronic animal targets and enjoy an excellent late afternoon dinner and present prizes to everyone. 

If this sounds interesting to you, please review our website and either fill out a membership application or contact us for more information.

We look forward to meeting you at the range!




The Swiss Rifle Club Calgary follows the Swiss tradition of shooting, using classic rifles such as the Karabiner Model 31 (K31) used by the Swiss military between 1933 to 1958 and the more current GP90 semi-automatic rifle.



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